Seduce McKenzie Brothers
Author:Lexi Buchanan

Chapter 64


It was Sunday morning, two weeks after I’d come close to destroying what was between Lily and I. She was snuggled in bed beside me and I’d never felt happier.

On Lily’s insistence we’d done the ‘little’ test at the doctor’s, which had probably taken a hell of a lot longer than the usual test, thanks to Lily’s mouth and my craving to return the favor to my woman.

The doctor had smirked when we’d come out of the room and no wonder, Lily had been flushed to high heaven. I’d gotten her out of there pretty quickly and then four days later the doctor had rang to say my little swimmers were above average. Lily had celebrated by giving me another blow job in the middle of talking to Lucien on the phone, the minx.

I bit back a groan. “Michael, you’re rock hard. What are you thinking about?”

“You giving me a blow job at the doctor’s and me returning the favor by eating your pussy. Then I remembered you sucking me off to celebrate while I was on the telephone.”

She laughed. “That was hot. You had to carry on talking instead of moaning and groaning, while I pleasured you. Then when you came and dropped the phone.” She moved down between my legs.

“I think we need to do something here.” She smirked and kissed the tip. “Have I told you how much I love your penis?”

She threw the covers from us both and smoothed her hand over me. “You’re so long. So wide. So hard. I love the bulbous head and how it fits in my mouth.” She sucked the head into her mouth. “I love how you leak pre-cum when I have you so excited.” She sucked me in again. “I love how you twitch when I lick along this vein with my tongue.” She licked me. “I love how you quiver when I do this.” She gripped my shaft with one hand, massaged one of my balls with her other and then sucked my other ball into her mouth. I nearly shot off the bed.

“Fuck, Lily. Come up here,” I panted.
She looked at me. I shoved some pillows behind my head and helped her to straddle my face. I wasn’t going to last long with her pussy in my face.

“Lily, you look so fuckin’ hot. I’m going to eat your pussy while you suck me off.” She moaned as I groaned.

Lily wrapped her mouth around me then started to slide her mouth up and down on my shaft. She leaned closer and lowered her arms across my groin for support and started to play with my balls.

I licked along her pussy lips and slid my tongue into her sex while I kissed her as though I was locked to her mouth instead. I took hold of her hips to keep her still. My breathing was heavy and my cock was in heaven. I could feel Lily’s breasts against my stomach. Her nipples were rock hard, digging into me.

I shoved a finger into her sex while I sucked her clit. She was close, but not there yet.

She pulled her mouth away from my cock and turned her head to look at me then sucked her finger into her mouth.

Oh fuck, I wouldn’t survive this.

She turned back and sucked me deeper into her mouth while I used my tongue to fuck her and my fingers to play with her clit. I used her own juices to wet my finger.

She massaged my balls and then moved downwards. As she started to rub against my ass, I did the same to her. She moaned – deep – which vibrated along the length of me.

She took me down her throat at the same time as she shoved a finger in my ass. I started to come while I shoved my finger in Lily’s ass. She screamed around my cock as we both came in powerful bursts of pleasure.

Lily collapsed with her head resting on my balls. If I’d had the breath in me, I would have laughed. I leaned forward and kissed her pussy then moved her legs to one side before pulling her up into my arms.
Her eyes sparkled.

“I’ve never had anyone nod off on my balls before,” I told her. She started to laugh, which turned into a full out belly laugh.

“I wasn’t asleep, you ass. I was admiring what was mine.” She smirked.

“Good answer. Christ love, anymore of that I won’t be able to walk. Hell, I’ll probably be walking around with a permanent woody. One memory of this at the most inopportune moment and everyone will know what you do to me.”

“Then it’s as well that we work together so I can lock your office door and lend a hand.”

“Mmm, one of my favorite fantasies,” I told her, grinning.

“You do realize it’s going to be hard for me to sit outside your office working while you’re inside having all these erotic fantasies about what you can do to me.”

“Please, don’t mention hard.”

“You can’t be hard again….so soon!”

I laughed. “Love, I only have to think about you and I’m in this condition.” I took her face into my hands in a caress. “Will you marry me soon, Lily? I love you with all my heart.”

She climbed astride me and took my face into her hands then kissed me. “Yes, I’ll marry you soon. I love you and can’t wait to be your wife.”

~~ LILY ~~

The happiest day of my life to date had taken place about an hour ago. I’d became Mrs Michael McKenzie in the most beautiful ceremony on his parent’s ranch.

Pippa had organized the caterers after checking with Michael and me about what food we wanted. She’d done an amazing job and the whole ranch had been transformed.

George had given me away and was looking a lot better since Michael made him rest up. He was on his third nurse and this one really didn’t take shit, so they got along fine. He had finally hooked up with Janet, who worked at the hotel where he used to spend his days when he was Michael’s driver.

“Hey, sexy.”

“Sebastian, you look hot,” I replied and gave him a hug. He really did. He was wearing a dark grey suit with a black silk shirt and he had all the women from the company drooling. Since he’d taken his jacket off, you could tell how tight his abs were, which I was positive he knew.

He grinned. “You eyeing me up?”

“Yep. I’m trying to decide who I need to introduce you to.”

“No, you’re not going to introduce me to….,” he trailed off, “her.”

I looked across and he had gone still, staring at Ramon’s date. “Ah, Sebastian.”

“Who’s she here with?” he asked, still stunned. “Lily, who is that bodacious babe with?”

I snickered. “You did not just call her a bodacious babe? How old are you? Seventeen!”

“Trust me, no horny seventeen year old boy would be thinking of doing what I’m thinking of doing to her.”

“Bodacious!” I still couldn’t get over him using that word.

“Bill and Teds.”


“Never mind. You haven’t said who she’s with.”

Crap, he was really taken with her. This wasn’t going to go down too well. “You need to keep your cock in your trousers. She’s here with Ramon.”

I heard a laugh behind us.


Keep your cock in your trousers. What the hell was Lily discussing with Sebastian? Then I noticed the woman he couldn’t take his eyes off.

“How can she be with Ramon?” Sebastian asked, shocked.

I wrapped my wife in my arms and laughed at him. “Well, I guess our brother is finally serious about someone and Lucien needs to get his facts straight in future.”

“She can’t be with him. Are you sure?”

I frowned at him. I’d never known my brother to be upset about a woman being with someone else. He usually just moved on.

“I’m sorry, but she is,” Lily told him.

She was walking towards us and Sebastian was staring.

“Hey Lily. Do you know where Ramon is?” she asked.
“I’m not sure. Let me introduce you to Sebastian, Michael’s brother. Sebastian, this is Carla.”

He stood there frozen while he exchanged heated looks with Carla. I prodded him in the back.

“Carla, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He took her hand and kept it in his. She seemed just as taken. “Are you really with Ramon?”

That seemed to bring her back to her senses. She pulled her hand away. “It’s great to meet you, but I better go and find Ramon.” She turned tail and walked back towards the marquee.

“I need some fresh air,” Sebastian said, then walked off in the direction of the garage and seemed unaware he was already outside.

Lily turned and wrapped her arms around me then snuggled close.

I had to fight back tears when I’d first caught a glimpse of her walking towards me on George’s arm. She’d left me breathless. All my brothers had stood with me and she’d left them all stunned.

Her dress was cream lace and fit her like a glove and, of course, she had killer stilts on her feet.

She looked up at me. “I love you, Michael, and I’m so glad you married me today, because I have something to tell you, and you can’t get away from me now.”

What the hell? “Do I really want to know this?”

“Oh Yes.”

“Well get on with it. You’re killing me.”

“We’re having twins.”