Seduce McKenzie Brothers
Author:Lexi Buchanan

Chapter 6


With the door closed behind me as I entered my office, I loosened my tie, feeling hot, bothered and aroused. Christ, I’d been seconds away from slamming my mouth down on Lily’s. When I’d stepped close to her, I’d gone rock hard and wanted nothing more than to lock my door and wrap her in my arms. To lift her skirt and see how wet she was for me, and then fuck her senseless. I would bet my left nut she was wet and just as aroused as I was.

God. I took in some much needed air and walked to my desk, then sat down before Lily came in and saw the hard-on I was trying to hide.

I leaned back in my chair, then turned to look out of the window and wondered what the hell I was doing. She lived with her boyfriend, and she was also my assistant, who seemed damn competent. I didn’t want to lose her. I was certain I’d have to get used to having a cold shower, because I was keeping my zipper fastened, no matter how much I wanted Lily’s hands in there. Hell!

Why her? I’d never reacted to Viv, like I did Lily. Oh, I lusted after Viv and made the mistake of thinking it was love. Not a mistake I intended to make again. But what was it about Lily that made me rock hard the minute she looked at me, and ready to orgasm the minute she touched me? I had a feeling she was going to drive me totally insane.

Lily. I really wished I didn’t have to tell her about the meeting at eleven. Not something I wanted to do, but I didn’t want her being caught off guard, seeing her so-called boyfriend in there. I was actually glad he would be at the meeting, so I could see the competition. Shit, I was not in competition. Yeah, right. Keep telling yourself that.

There was a hesitant knock at my door. “Come in, Lily.” She opened the door and walked in, looking nervous and delicious. I hoped to hell my cock behaved while I stood and walked towards the sofa. “Let’s sit here while we discuss the meeting at eleven.”
“Okay. Where should I leave these letters for you?” she asked.

“Just leave them on the corner of the desk.” I took a seat in the chair to the side of the sofa and hoped it would put her more at ease by not crowding her.

I watched her walk across the floor and saw her gulp, then watched as a flush appeared across her cheek bones. She settled on the sofa, close, but not too close.

Hell, I couldn’t even remember what I wanted to discuss with her. I leaned forward and pulled myself together. “The meeting is with Oakfield Architectural Design.” Her eyes met mine. “They’re one of three companies chosen to bid on a new development that McKenzie Holdings is building just outside of town…. Is this going to be a problem?” I watched her closely and she appeared more nervous than before. “David is going to be in the meeting.” There, I’d said it.

She looked anywhere, but at me. “Lily.” She looked back to me. “Please talk to me.”

“I…He…He doesn’t know I’ve started work here. I never told him about the interview, about being offered the position, or that I was due to start work here today, or anywhere else, for that matter. I guess I just wanted something for me. He can be rather vocal, and I was really looking forward to working here, so I decided to keep quiet rather than have him lecture me.” She ended on a shrug.

“How do you want to handle this?” She nervously moved the hair falling around her neck in disarray, behind her ear. “I need you at the meeting Lily. If I could spare you, I would.” I just about managed to prevent myself from basically falling at her feet. God, if one of my brothers were here right now, they’d be falling over laughing at me for becoming an idiot over a woman I’d only just met.

“Don’t worry, Michael. Uh, is it okay to call you Michael, or do you prefer Mr McKenzie?”

I grinned at her. “Michael, when we’re alone, but you should probably use Mr. McKenzie in the presence of others.”

“Okay. We’re all adults, and David is always the professional, so hopefully he won’t get pissed at me, well, until tonight anyway,” she said trying to laugh it off.

Why the hell would her so-called boyfriend be pissed that she had a job? A job which paid well. He was an idiot.

“Lily, if he makes you nervous at the meeting, I’ll be right there, all right?” She nodded. “Now Oakfield, up to now, are actually in the lead with the bidding. I will tell you that I prefer one of the other companies, but my brothers are rather impressed with Oakfield. The meeting today is to look over some sketches that we asked all three companies to provide. I’ll look them over and listen to what they have to say, but no decision will be made until I’ve had a meeting with my brothers. I’ll want you to take notes, but don’t write everything down. I’ll let you know when I want something noted, okay?”

“Yeah, that sounds easy enough.” She smiled, which made me loose my train of thought. “Is everything okay?” she asked, fidgeting, because I’d been staring at her.

“Do I make you nervous, Lily?” I couldn’t believe I’d just asked her that. My mouth needed to reattach itself to my brain. I held my hand out. “Forget I asked you that, it was out of line. Come on, let’s go and get this over with.” Hell, I was out of line earlier as well, when I had her pinned to the door. She would be in her right mind to scream sexual harassment, but she’d felt too damn good against me.

We stood and I took hold of her elbow, then felt a shiver run through her. “Lily.” She looked at me and I briefly saw what my closeness did to her.

She hesitantly pulled away from me and started towards the door. “I’ll just grab a notebook and some pens,” she said over her shoulder as she closed the door behind her.

Fuck. I was an adult and just acted like an adolescent boy with his first crush, the same way my cock had been reacting. I really needed to get a grip.