Seduce McKenzie Brothers
Author:Lexi Buchanan

Chapter 3

~~ LILY ~~

When I clashed eyes with the guy who stood in front of me at the elevators, my pulse jumped, my heart stopped, and my stomach quivered. Never in my life had I reacted that way to a man before.

As I stood in the elevator the doors closed, leaving me trapped inside with the sexy-as-sin man. I quickly leaned forward pressing the button for the floor I wanted and felt the heat flowing from his body to mine. My stomach still quivered and I was pretty sure my panties were soaked. He watched me carefully through the mirror on the doors while I watched him out of the corner of my eye. I refused to meet his eyes.

My heart was accelerating and I felt more turned on than I had been in a very long time – ever, if I was totally honest. What the hell was happening? David was acting like an ass, but we were still in a relationship. At least I thought we were. I had no reason to be attracted or turned on to high heaven by a total stranger.

The stranger, who had decided to focus his full attention on me and I didn’t think my panties could get any wetter. What the hell’s wrong with this elevator – it’s damn slow!

“You’re new here?” he stated, or was it a question? I wasn’t really sure.

I finally managed to put my tongue back into my mouth. “Yes.” He didn’t take his eyes from me. “I presume you work in the building?” I asked, trying to hide my embarrassment. I wasn’t used to being the object of such a penetrating gaze. His eyes twinkled.

“You could say that…. You haven’t told me your name?”

What did that mean? He either worked here or not. “You haven’t asked me my name.” Oh god, did I just flirt with him?

“I would love to know your name, if you wouldn’t mind telling me,” he replied. He’s smooth, I’ll give him that.
I groaned inwardly. This guy was really turning me into a bubbling idiot. I knew that touching him would be a really bad idea, but I held my hand out anyway. “Lily Redmond.”

He seemed to freeze for a split second, then he stood taller and took hold of my hand. He wrapped his fingers around mine; the contact brought me out in goose bumps. My nipples hardened in my lace bra and pressed up against my blouse. I was suddenly glad I was wearing a jacket, otherwise he would know exactly what he did to me.

With my hand still clasped in his, I looked up. His eyes had darkened and a pulse was beating on the side of his neck. Mmm, I wouldn’t mind using my tongue on that spot. I licked my lips; his eyes followed the movement of my tongue and darkened a few shades.

He coughed, released my hand and stepped slightly away from me. He was just as affected by me, if the bulge he was trying to hide in his trousers was anything to go by. That realization made me hotter. Wetter.

“I’m Michael McKenzie.”

Those words doused me in cold water. He’s my boss! Shit.

I hadn’t even arrived at the office yet, and I’d already flirted with my boss, or rather, one of them.

“Michael McKenzie, as in the McKenzie Brothers? I mean as in McKenzie Holdings…. my boss,” tumbled out of my mouth almost incoherently. Why me?

“Yeah, that’s me.” He looked about as happy as I did.

“Oh.” The elevator pinged and the doors slowly opened on the floor of the McKenzie Brothers Executive offices, where Mr Roberts had told me to meet him.

I couldn’t help but feel a huge disappointment that he was one of my bosses. I really would have liked to get to know him better, and I didn’t mean with sex. He was a really handsome man, tall with broad shoulders, slim torso, and the most amazing blue eyes. When he looked into mine, I sensed a yearning, for what, I wasn’t sure, but something was there, other than attraction. A connection.

I heard a throat being cleared and pulled myself together enough to step out of the elevator in front of Michael McKenzie to greet Mr Roberts. He looked from me to his boss with curiosity in his eyes.

“Ah, Lily. You’ve met Michael McKenzie, I take it?” he asked with his eyes focused on me.

“Yes, we’ve met. Let’s go to my office,” Michael replied to a startled Mr Roberts. He didn’t sound too impressed either. After a brief look in my direction, Michael started to walk toward the glass door, which I presumed led to the inner sanctum.

I followed both Michael and Mr Roberts along the corridor and tried not to wobble over in my heels. The carpet was so thick, like sponge. I would have loved to walk along there without my shoes, it would probably feel amazing.

The offices were plush with no money having been spared on the executive floor. I couldn’t help but wonder what the other floors looked like. The art on the walls looked like originals, at least I thought they did. In all honesty, I wouldn’t know a Picasso from a Rembrandt. I wasn’t sure where all the paperwork was stored, as the furniture was minimum, but expensive by the look of things.

I didn’t know if I was ready to work for McKenzie. Within a week my work space would probably be a complete and utter mess. I wasn’t the tidiest of people.

Following Michael into his office felt like I was walking straight into the lions den.

Michael had set his briefcase on the table and pulled a handful of documents out, before moving it to the floor.

“Dale, here are the papers you left last night. I’ve signed them, so you’re good to go. Thank you for seeing to Lily, but I can take it from here,” he told Mr. Roberts who looked flustered.

Not sure what that was about.

“Okay, Michael.” He turned to me. “I’ll talk to you later, Lily.” He quickly walked out of the office and once again I was left alone with the very hot Michael McKenzie.