Seduce McKenzie Brothers
Author:Lexi Buchanan

Chapter 10


I watched Lily leave my office and eventually the building. It had been…. hard. She had really gotten under my skin. Because of that, I was still suffering, or rather my cock was. Oh, I’d seen Lily glance down and notice how aroused I was. I’d also noticed the flush along her cheeks just before she’d shut my office door. With a groan, I smoothed my hand over my desire and caught my breath. I was so tempted to give myself the relief I craved, but the real relief wouldn’t happen until I was between Lily’s thighs.

Before I could do anything about it, I quickly picked my cell up and dialed George.

“Mr McKenzie?” he answered.

“I’ll be ready in five, George.” I ran my hands through my hair as I looked out through the window into the early evening dusk.

“I’ve just left the hotel, so I’ll be there soon.” He hung up.

I tried to straighten myself a bit, I hadn’t realized I was so rumpled. I unrolled my shirt sleeves, refastened the top two buttons at my neck, straightened my tie and then grabbed my suit jacket. A bit straighter than I was, I made sure everything was switched off, then collected my belongings and flicked off the lights before I locked the office doors.

Standing in the elevator, I smiled as I remembered the journey I’d taken this morning in the same elevator. The journey that had changed what I wanted out of life. Lily.

I sighed, stepping from the elevator and made my way outside to find George, who was standing at the side of the car with a huge grin on his face. His expression didn’t waver as I walked closer. I returned his grin when I realized his body was there, but his mind was most certainly elsewhere. “I gather you had a good day.” I smirked.

“Oh yes….” He blushed. “I mean, an interesting day.”

I laughed. My chauffeur was embarrassed.

“You’re not the only one to have one of those days.” He raised an eyebrow in question. “Don’t ask.”

Sitting back in the car, I watched as George drove out of the city to my home. My home was secluded and approximately twenty minutes from where the McKenzie building was located downtown.

I had drawn up the design myself and had it built by McKenzie Holdings, moving in as soon as construction was complete. That was four years ago.

It was my domain, my space, and no one uninvited was welcome. Needless to say, I never had a woman, other than my mother, inside the walls.

On the outside, my home looked like a large rustic log cabin, but inside it was anything but rustic. I loved my comforts and if they included every modern convenience, like my large flat screen television that on the odd occasion, I’d been known to kick back in front of with my brothers to watch a game or two, then so be it.

George opened the door for me, which was odd. I climbed out and scowled at him.
“We’re home now, and I figured since you’ve been sitting in the back while I’ve been parked for five minutes already, you might need a reminder on how to open the door.”

I laughed. “Well, thanks for that George. I’m a bit distracted.”

He looked at me and then the light seemed to go on in that head of his. “Ah, a woman. I don’t think I’ve ever known you to be distracted with a woman before. Anyone I know?”

“No. She’s my new assistant.” I growled out.

George seemed startled. “Oh.”

I sighed. “Exactly.”

“I see the problem.” He chuckled and climbed back into the car. George lived on my land in a small two bedroom cabin about ten minutes walk from the main house. It was part and parcel of the job of being my chauffeur.

I walked inside and placed everything on the table in the entrance hall, which included my jacket and tie, then walked into ‘the cave’, as my mother liked to call it. It had shelves of books, a large desk with the newest in Apple technology and what I desperately needed right now – alcohol.

With a whiskey poured, I sat at my desk in the dark and wondered what Lily was doing. I wondered if her bastard of a boyfriend was trying to worm his way back into her good graces or if he was still being an ass. I wanted nothing more than for Lily to be with me, which was stupid, considering I’d known her less than twenty-four hours. I found myself looking forward to tomorrow, and it actually had nothing to do with work.

My cell started to ring as I was about to take a drink of the whiskey. I placed the glass into my left hand and answered on the third jingle. “Hello, McKenzie.”

“Mr McKenzie, it’s Derek,” he said nervously.

Derek was the man I’d asked to find out what he could about why Lily had lost her job and David hadn’t. “I know who you are. Have you found out anything?”

“I overheard a conversation earlier today, which shed some light on why Lily was let go. At lunch, David and another man named Peter, were talking about Lily. Apparently, they had a meeting with you and discovered she was now working for you. David sounded really pissed, but the other guy asked him why he was bothered, since he was screwing the boss’s daughter.”

Fuck. I sure as hell hadn’t been expecting that. “Are you sure?”

“David made a couple of crude comments about her, and Lily for that matter, so yes. From what he was saying, it seemed that way and I think the boss’s daughter had something to do with Lily leaving.”

“Thanks, Derek. You’ve been a great help. I’ll transfer you the money tonight.”

“Thank you, Mr McKenzie. Have a good night.”

I slammed my phone down onto the desk and drained my glass of whiskey, before I threw it into the fire, which I’d yet to set. What a fuckin’ mess. Did I tell Lily or let her find out for herself? If I told her, I’d be able to console her, providing she didn’t shoot the messenger. If she found out for herself, she might come to me on her own. What a damn position to be in.

The sooner she was away from him the better. The thought of them together was driving me crazy.

I answered my phone again. “Yes,” I said, still annoyed.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Lucien asked.

“Nothing. What’s wrong? Has Sebastian showed up yet?” I sat back in my chair feeling the exhaustion settle in, which usually happened after a glass of whiskey.

“Yeah, he’s here. Just wanted to let you know he’d arrived. Why are you fobbing me off?”

I laughed. Trust Lucien to see through me. “No reason, just one of those days…. don’t forget the McKenzie picnic in a couple of weeks,” I reminded him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there. If I must.”

“You must,” I replied. If I didn’t force him to be there, he’d stay holed up in Denver.

“All right, Michael. I’ll see you in two weeks and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” He laughed.

I hung up the phone, only to have it ring not two minutes later.

“Ruben, now what?”

“Well you sound in a good mood.” Ruben laughed down the phone.

“Look, I’ve had a shit day, so just get on with it.”

“Okay, I was ringing to see if you wanted to come down to the club tonight for a couple of drinks….and to get laid.”

I growled. “If I wanted to get laid, I’m quite capable of finding myself my own woman…. but a few drinks sounds good.”

“So you’ll come down then?”


I hung up. If I didn’t know better I’d say he was up to something. Fists might fly if he had a woman there, ready and waiting. I only wanted one woman.

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